Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's being exclusively with Amazon no longer viable?

My sales have been falling over the past three months and I don't know what is causing this. As far as I know I'm doing the same things I've always done and the books I'm releasing are as well presented, covered and edited as any previous titles.
I've done a quick survey of my writer friends and so far everyone is saying there sales have gone up, not down, so this has to be something related to me.
The first thing I considered his that I need to rethink my marketing strategy. Occasionally I try to get a book into a BookBub  promotion, but they are always turned down. I think one of the reasons is that I only publish with Amazon exclusively and I'm not on any other platforms.

I've been told about D2D who will put my books up on every platform in return for a 15% of the net royalty. The good thing about this company is that you can remove your book at any time for any reason with no penalty. The first book in my new series, Ellen's War – Blue Skies and Tiger Moths, is going to go with them. This will probably impact on the royalties I earn from this book initially but if it works then I shall consider putting my longer historical books with D 2 D in future.
I am also going to organise a Thunderclap for this title as it did very well for my Victorian saga last year.
I find promoting my books very difficult – I come from the generation of women were brought up not to put themselves in the limelight. However, I have decided to be more proactive in future and just hope I don't overdo it.
I have taken out a promotion with Book Sends for A Suitable Bride and for Hannah's War. Both of these will run at the end of this month. I was turned down for the second time with E-Reader for a promotion with them for this book. They took the first one which was for a Victorian saga, I've no idea why they don't want to run one for my Regency series.
I post on my author page and on my regular Facebook page every day, I respond to other people's posts and also tweet a couple of times a day. I really don't know what else I can do as I don't think that blog tours work any more. I'm not sure if any of this expenditure and effort will make any difference. In fact, I think that the real problem lies with the fact that I am Amazon exclusively.
 I know another writer who produces seven or eight new Regency titles every year, isn't in Amazon select, and her sales are growing. In fact of the writers I spoke to none of them are in Kindle select so I'm coming to the reluctant conclusion that maybe that's where I'm going wrong. There are a finite number of readers subscribing to Amazon's library system and I think that all of them have now read  my books and there are not enough new subscribers joining to make the difference.
I think it's quite possible that being exclusively Amazon is no longer a good marketing strategy. Most of my writer friends are on many platforms; but I have avoided this as it's so easy to manage one's income and publication by doing it in one place.
What do you think? Are the days of making a fortune through being exclusively Amazon Published over? Doing free promotions was a huge thing four years ago and I was fortunate enough to get in at the beginning and I'm certain that is why I've done so well with my books. The first promotion I did I got twelve thousand downloads – if I do one now I'm lucky to get a thousand.
I would be interested to hear your views.
Fenella J Miller

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Duke's Alliance - An Unconventional Bride

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I'm delighted to tell you that the third book in "The Duke's Alliance" series, An Unconventional Bride, is now available for pre-order. It will be released on 23rd February at the bargain price of £1.99/ $2.99.
I am loving writing this series and intend to add an extra book, the story of the newly arrived cousin, Elizabeth Freemantle, which will make seven books instead of six. This means you will have to wait for Beau's story until 2018. I have to leave the duke until last although I'm eager to write his romance.
The fourth book in the series, Lady Giselle's, will be published in late summer.

 Here is the blurb:

An Unconventional Bride is the third in The Duke's Alliance series. 
Mrs Mary Williams, a colonel's widow, arrives at Silchester Court with Miss Elizabeth Freemantle, who has been brought up as her sister. Beth is the Duke of Silchester's cousin and he is her guardian. 
Lord Aubrey, the duke's youngest brother, finds himself designated to oversee the London debut of both Lady Giselle, his sister, and his lively cousin, Beth, as the duke is called away to his estates in the North.
Although Mary is only four years older than Aubrey she is more worldly and well-travelled. Mary is not thinking of marrying a second time, she values her independence too much, and certainly not to a young gentleman like Lord Aubrey. 
Only when her reputation is lost, and marriage to Aubrey is impossible, does she understand that her feelings have changed.
Is it too late for them to find happiness together? Will the duke allow her to be part of his prestigious family?

Thanks for your continued support -it is valued.
Fenella J Miller

Monday, 2 January 2017

Writing Resolutions

I am not a fan of New Year resolutions but do write a plan for my writing for the year and try and keep to it.
2016 was a good year for my writing. Two and a half books in The Duke's Alliance series, the first book in a three book series about an ATA girl - Ellen's War -  Blue Skies & Tiger Moths  -coming out in March. The final book in the At Pemberley series -A Spy at Pemberley. A Christmas book and  another duke book.
'Search for a Duke' is my first book this year -written as 'A Suitable Husband' in 2006 for Robert Hale. Re-edited and re-covered it is now on pre-order and will be out on 10th January.
This year I intend to write a further six books - the first of which will be the final book in The Nightingale Chronicles. I have a detailed outline for this story but no title as yet.
Then there will be the second book in the Ellen's War series - An ATA Girl.
Next will be another two books for The Duke's Alliance series -this time Giselle and Perry's stories. This will leave one more book -the one I'm looking forward to writing most - the duke's story. Beau has been in all of them and I'm hoping my readers will be as eager as I am to see who he marries.
Then there will be at least one Christmas book - hoping to write two this time.
So - that's one Victorian, one WW2, and 4/5 Regency.
I just watched the episode following four older people around the world. This one was in Japan - made me think about my lifestyle and general health. It has made me determined to lose weight and take more exercise. The Japanese live longer than anyone else and work as long as they want to. I can't join a gym as it would be impossible to go often enough because of looking after my husband.  However, I can take a short brisk walk every day when he's having a sleep.
I've also decided not to stress about things I can't change -Brexit/Trump/husband's illness etc and try and live every day equally. Enjoy the moments of happiness, and there are many, and be glad I am  fortunate to have a loving family, good friends and earn more than enough money to do what I want. I try to pass on my good fortune to as many as I can - I'm not religious but do think how you live your life makes a difference.
 What have you decided to do to improve your life? Even a small change can be important.
Happy new Year
Fenella J Miller

Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Greetings.

Another year gone by and six books to show for it. Already have my plans in place for 2017 - two more books in The Duke's Alliance series/ a third in The Nightingale Chronicles/ the first of three in  the Ellen's War series -Blue Skies and Tiger Moths + two 'duke' books and two Christmas stories.
Pre-order now.
Out 10th Janaury 2017

Search for a Duke (published by Robert hale in 2006 entitled A Suitable Husband) is now available on pre-order.

Someone is trying to murder Sarah Haverstock and her young son Edward. His tutor, and veteran of the Peninsular War, Captain Oliver Mayhew is the perfect man to protect them and root out the perpetrators. Oliver accepts the position with the intention of charming his employer into matrimony, the attacks giving him the perfect opportunity to further his aims.
Indeed, as the danger escalates, Sarah comes to rely on him more and more but before they can find the happiness they both seek, they must face the evil that stalks them...

I re-edited this book and was delighted that the story was still one of my favourites. A romance as always, but also a thriller.

Iwould like to thank my editor, RAchel bevan, my cover dsigner J D Smith and my friends for all thier support this year.
However, I wouldn't be in the position Im in wihtout th esuport of my readers. Thank you for buying my books and enjoying them.
Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

One Good Turn becomes Count Your Blessings

After a lot of thought I decided to take the radical step of changing the title of the book that had caused me so much anxiety and stress last month.
Although those readers who left one star reviews were justified in doing so, they didn't in fact lose out financially. What had happened was that I had taken down book one to change something on the front page and then the put up the file that contained both books.
Therefore those readers who were angry about getting a repeat of the second half of book one, actually got the same content as everyone else for the same price. Indeed, as the majority of them demanded their money back, they actually got the second book free.
By changing the title I have lost all the negative reviews and the book can start again. Unfortunately, this means losing all the five star reviews as well, but that can't be helped.
I am writing a third book in this series and it should be ready to be published in the summer – there might be a fourth book as well, but it depends on the sales of the third.
I've only ever changed the title of a book after publication once before and that was when I inadvertently used the same title as a friend's book.
 A few weeks ago I bought a book for my husband thinking it was another in the series and it turneed out to be the same book with a different cover. They refunded my money and postage -but I was disappointed.
I think it's quite clear Count Your Blessings is the same book as One Good Turn and hopefully no one will buy it in error.

Fenella J Miller

Friday, 4 November 2016

Christmas Box Set - around and around!

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Here we go again. I've now packaged three of my Christmas books in a box set at the bargain price of £0.99 & $0.99
If you haven't already read them then now's a good time to download them - three for the price of one.
The Regency Romantics box set is a best seller in tow categories - that's another bargain at £2.99 for six books -four of them new titles.

Christmas at Hartford Hall
( First published by DC Thomson in 2009)
A sweet Cinderella story – perfect for Christmas reading.
When Elizabeth's grandfather died, there was no sign of a will; and, devastatingly, she discovered she was now dependent on his heir. When the new Lord and Lady Hartford and their twin daughters arrived, they reduced her status to that of a servant. Elizabeth is determined to leave Hartford Hall in the New Year and find work as a governess. But the arrival of Sir James Worthington to make an offer for Lady Eleanor Hartford only leads to her difficulties....

Christmas at Highfield Court was previously published as Lord Atherton's Ward.
Extra scenes have been added to this book.
When their father, Sir John, dies leaving Sarah Ellison and her younger sister Jane orphaned, his choice of guardian is entirely disagreeable to Sarah – particularly with Lord Atherton's insistence that they leave their family home and move to Highfield Court to remain under the care of his mother. Will the spirit of Christmas work it's magic or will Sarah continue to alienate Lord Atherton with her headstrong behaviour or prove that she is a girl he can respect?

Christmas at Castle Elrick is a Regency fairy tale - Miss Verity Sanderson the beauty and Sir Ralph Elrick the beast. He was severely injured in the Napoleonic wars and has been brooding in his castle for years waiting for Verity to reach her majority and come to him. Her father had promised his daughter to Ralph in return for his financial support. Verity decides marriage to a wealthy stranger is preferable to remaining with her step-mother and half-sisters so sets off, the week before Christmas, to become his wife.
Castle Elrick is a cold, unwelcoming place situated on the bleak Northumbrian coast and Ralph and his small staff are not the only residents. Will Christmas be a celebration or will the ghosts of Castle Elrick force them apart?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Collection of 6 Regency Romances from Bestselling Authors

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The winter box set from Regency Romantics is now live and already in the charts. I love being part of this great group of fellow Regency writers and I'm sure you will all enjoy these books. Four of them, including mine, were written especially for this box set. There are also six books this time instead of five.

Here are the blurbs:

A Collection of Six Regency Romances from Bestselling Authors
One Night at the Abbey – Amanda Grange
When Miss Hilary Wentworth takes up an appointment at Carisbrooke Abbey, she finds it embroils her in a winter of mystery and romance. What secret haunts Lord Carisbrooke? And when Hilary uncovers it, can they find the love and happiness they deserve?
A Most Unexpected Christmas - Fenella Miller
Lydia Halstead has no desire to remarry or to attend social gatherings. However, she is persuaded to accompany her brother and his family to Fakenham Manor.
Lord Theodore Fakenham is not pleased to discover his mama has arranged a Christmas house party without his permission. This is not an auspicious start to the festive period.
An infestation of mice in the nursery, a riotous snowball fight and an accident in the study make for a very unexpected Christmas.
Dancing Through the Snow – Monica Fairview
Amelia Neville is convinced she has found the perfect husband, but unfortunate circumstances throw her into the company of the distrustful Duke of Sutcliff. Forced to attend the Duke’s Christmas house party by her matchmaking Mama, Amelia knows she’s going to hate every minute. But romance is in the air in the snowy landscape…. A traditional Regency romance with a touch of laughter.
Christmas at Castleray – Wendy Soliman
When Alisa Langdon and Chase Beaumont are invited to Castleray for Christmas, they expect a peaceful holiday. But instead they are attacked on the road and then Alisa’s servants are ostracised in the local village. Can Chase and Alisa discover who attacked them? And can Chase ignore his growing attraction to Alisa, who appears intent upon honouring her father’s dying wish by marrying her indolent stepbrother…
A Winter’s Madcap Escapade - Elizabeth Bailey
A stranger hiding in Lord Dymond's coach pitchforks him into a chaotic enterprise to protect young Apple from her own folly - much to her indignation!
The Duke's Christmas Bride - Melinda Hammond
Waldo, the fifth Duke of Charingden, shows no inclination to marry. In desperation his family invite a string of eligible beauties to the Christmas Ball at Birklands for him to choose from, but the only young lady to interest the duke is little Clara Tillotson, who is herself desperate to avoid being forced into marriage….. A sparkling Regency romance with just a touch of snow!